UNICEF Partnership Focuses on Helping Children through Technology

In a recent press release, UNICEF announced that it has partnered with ARM to advance the creation of innovative technologies that can overcome the obstacles stopping millions of families from receiving health and education services. The multiyear partnership is designed to help UNICEF deliver more rapid and comprehensive aid to children who are affected by mass urbanization, social barriers, and economic divides.

To begin the partnership, UNICEF and ARM united with frog, an international product strategy and design company, to launch the Wearables for Good challenge, which focuses on developing new devices that address child and maternal health issues in emerging economies. The UNICEF/ARM partnership has also established a longer-term plan to perform research in developing nations in an effort to assess and endorse market opportunities.

About the Author:

Carmen Maria Montiel

Over the course of her career as a television journalist, Carmen Maria Montiel served as a news anchor and producer for programs on stations like Telemundo-Houston and WKPT-TV ABC. Carmen Maria Montiel now focuses primarily on philanthropic pursuits and holds a number of leadership roles with charitable organizations, including a position on the Board of Directors of UNICEF.


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