About the Lusitano Horse – A Brief History

Although the Lusitano horse was not considered separate from the Andalusian breed until 1966, it possesses several distinctive features, including a lower tail, more sloping hindquarters, and a more significantly convex head. A light horse breed, the Lusitano weighs on average less than 1,500 pounds, with long legs and a short, muscular back, and the Lusitano is usually light grey in color. Modern Lusitano horses were bred to be used in Portuguese bull fights and established a reputation as intelligent horses especially adept at a variety of equestrian activities.

Some breed associations believe that the Lusitano has been used as a saddle horse for more than 5,000 years, making it the world’s oldest saddle horse. Due to the breed’s intelligence and size, it was commonly used by nobility and crusaders and helped pioneer the art of dressage.

About the author:

Carmen Maria Montiel

An award-winning television journalist, Carmen María Montiel has served as the news anchor for both English- and Spanish-speaking broadcasts. Additionally, Carmen María Montiel frequently chairs galas and fashion shows, and she attended the Haras Cup when it presented its first competition of Lusitano horses.



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