An Overview of the Haras Cup for Working Equitation


A former television journalist, Carmen María Montiel has a wide array of experience that includes covering the 1992 Republican National Convention and producing a syndicated show featuring Latin artists. Carmen María Montiel also attends a variety of charitable and social events, such as the Haras Cup gala.

One of the top working equitation championships in the United States, the Haras Cup offers $80,000 in prize money and competitions for all breeds as well as classes for a variety of age and experience levels. Held in Magnolia, Texas, the Haras Cup also features international class competitors by invitation only to some of the best riders in the world.

The Haras Cup serves as the annual championship competition for the Working Equitation International Association. A relatively recent equestrian activity, working equitation is judged by three components-dressage, ease of handling, and speed-with a focus on versatility and athleticism. Each of the components is judged on a separate day. The first day is dedicated to dressage, with divisions for children and youth, and a general division for novice, intermediate, advanced, and master riders. The second and third days focus on handling and speed, respectively, with different obstacle courses each day. Proceeds from the cup go to a number of charities, including the children’s nutrition organization Kids’ Meals, Inc., and the United States Pony Clubs, Inc.


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