UNICEF and EU Provide Safer Learning Opportunities for Syrian Children

Syrian Children pic
Syrian Children
Image: http://www.unicef.org

Deeply involved in philanthropic work around Houston, Carmen Maria Montiel is especially active in fund-raising endeavors for the Latino Learning Center. Carmen Maria Montiel also supports philanthropy on an international level by serving on the Board of Directors of UNICEF.

In a press release, UNICEF recently announced that it has finalized an agreement with the European Union (EU) to provide greater access to education to more than 2 million children impacted by the conflict in Syria. UNICEF explains that conflict has caused an education crisis in Syria and the surrounding nations, with 25 percent of Syrian schools rendered unusable, an estimated $700 million in lost school infrastructure, and more than 50,000 teachers no longer teaching.

To help the 2.7 million children who are academically displaced, UNICEF and the EU are committing $69 million in grants to expand safe education opportunities in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. UNICEF asserts that education initiatives, such as No Lost Generation, are crucial to children’s individual well-being and the future of the region.