Unfairy Tales Series Calls Awareness to Syrian Child Refugees

Unfairy Tales pic
Unfairy Tales
Image: unicefusa.org

Houston, Texas resident Carmen María Montiel possesses over three decades of experience in journalism and television broadcasting. A winner of the 1984 Miss Venezuela Pageant, Carmen María Montiel is also an active participant in community initiatives and a supporter of the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). In March 2016, UNICEF launched a series of animated films entitled Unfairy Tales.

Unfairy Tales recounts the true stories of Syrian refugee and migrant children and consists of three animated shorts revealing the horrors that caused the children’s need to flee their home countries. Intended to call attention to the child victims of the Syrian refugee crisis, Unfairy Tales chronicles the children’s experiences with the purpose of creating a more positive perception of child refugees in Syria and worldwide. Furthermore, it serves as part of UNICEF’s Act of Humanity initiative that supports the human rights of children regardless of ethnicity or country of origin.

The series combines stunning animations with chilling narration to tell the children’s stories. Prior to the March launch, UNICEF premiered the series’ first tale at the Supporting Syria and The Region Donor Conference in London on February 4, 2016. The animation premiered features seven-year-old Malak and details her journey across the Mediterranean in search of refuge from the conflict. Visual design company House of Colors supplied the animation and used a custom animation algorithm to give the ocean’s waves a semblance of sentience.

To learn more about the Unfairy Tales series and the children involved, visit unicef.org/media/media_90760.html.